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Homewood, AL Family Law Attorney Protects Custody Rights of Spouses Going Through Divorce

The divorce process in Homewood, and elsewhere in Jefferson County, AL, can be particularly complicated, and even hostile when children are involved. If you are in the process of getting divorced from your spouse, or if you are just thinking about filing for divorce, you will need to consider the needs of your kids. The unfortunate reality is that child custody issues can make a contentious divorce even more combative because the stakes are extremely high and the issues are very personal. Beyond that, a child custody decision will likely have a profound effect on child support and related issues. That’s why it is imperative that you have an aggressive, skilled family attorney on your side and looking out for not just your interests, but also your children’s interests.

If you are considering divorce, Daniel H. Chambers, Attorney at Law, PC will examine the details of your situation and advise you on how to best proceed. Call Mr. Chambers anytime, day or night, to discuss your case.

Homewood, Alabama Family Lawyer Handles High-Asset Divorces

Daniel Chambers has years of experience handling all kinds of divorces and divorce-related matters, including high-asset divorces, contested divorces, and child custody disputes. Mr. Chambers has provided legal guidance to clients on a number of issues, including:

Depending on the exact circumstances and facts of your case, there could be complex issues that need to be resolved – such as spousal support, division of shared real estate, and child support. Daniel H. Chambers, Attorney at Law, PC will work with you to amicably resolve the case prior to trial so that you can save time and unnecessary expense. If your case does go to trial, Mr. Chambers will be with you every step of the way to argue on your behalf in the courtroom.

Why Choose Daniel Chambers for Alabama Your Family Law Matter?

Daniel Chambers views his clients as partners who are working toward the same end: to win the case and achieve the best possible outcome for the client. When Mr. Chambers works on your case, you can expect him to be honest and straightforward and to provide you with up-to-the-second updates on how your legal situation is progressing. This level of personalized attention is not something that you get at large law firms. Mr. Chambers previously worked for one of the largest family law firms, so he understands what clients in divorce cases want, and expect, from their attorney. Since starting his own legal practice, Mr. Chambers has been bringing large firm advice to regular people on a personal basis.

Daniel H. Chambers is honest and straightforward – there are no questions about your case that he will not answer in a prompt fashion. Additionally, Mr. Chambers knows how expensive divorce litigation can be. In fact, he has seen clients make the mistake of thinking that they will save money by trying to handle the case on their own. The truth is that handling your own divorce case won’t save you money; it will cost you money! That’s because you won’t have the legal background or the institutional knowledge needed to efficiently resolve a divorce. Mr. Chambers is an experienced, knowledgeable Homewood family lawyer who will take care of the more complicated legal matters so that you can focus on the next chapter in your life.

Talk to an Experienced Homewood, AL Family Lawyer Today

If you are about to start the divorce process, or if you are already in the middle of a divorce, you have a lot on your plate right now. A qualified, knowledgeable Homewood, AL family lawyer can take care of the complicated legal matters and do the heavy lifting for you. Whether your divorce is contested or uncontested, Daniel Chambers knows how to take advantages of the intricacies and legal quirks of the Alabama divorce court system and help you achieve a positive outcome. Call Daniel H. Chambers, Attorney at Law, PC now to go over the details of your case or to schedule a consultation at the law firm’s centrally located Vestavia Hills office.

About Homewood, Alabama

Homewood is a city in Jefferson County, AL. Homewood is a major suburb of Birmingham and has a total population of roughly 25,700 people packed into a geographic area of 8.3 square miles. Homewood was officially incorporated in 1926 when local lawmakers decided to form one city from parts of Edgewood, Grove Park, and Rosedale.

Homewood’s populace includes 10,700 households. Within those households, 41 percent are married couples and 27 percent have children. The median income in Homewood, Alabama is $55,400, while Homewood, AL families see their median income rise to $70,200.

Homewood has a highly regarded public school system that includes a high school (Homewood High School), a middle school (Homewood Middle School), and three elementary schools (Edgewood Elementary School, Hall Kent Elementary School, and Shades Cahaba Elementary School). Some students at the high school participate in the Homewood High School Patriot Marching Band, which has performed at college football games, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and the US Presidential Inaugural Parade.


We have used Daniel Chambers for legal services on several occasions since 2007 with excellent results. He has assisted our family in each matter with a professional yet tenacious manner. He has always been upfront about possible outcomes and honest about how to appropriately deal with challenging situations. I have recommended him several times over and will continue to do so. He has been an incredible asset to have on our legal team and we have always been satisfied with the results.

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