Same-Sex Divorce In Alabama Currently Complicated

Same-Sex Divorce In Alabama Currently Complicated

Same-Sex Divorce in Alabama Currently ComplicatedSame-Sex Divorce in Alabama Currently Complicated

When the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage was legal throughout the nation in 2015, many people cheered. Some couples, including those residing in Alabama, waited for years to secure the right.

But because it is inevitable that some relationships will fail, the existence of same-sex marriage necessitates same-sex divorce as well. Same-sex couples pursuing this option in Alabama could find this process more complicated than for other couples.

Complications of Same-Sex Divorce


To be able to file for divorce, many states require spouses to live in the state for at least six months. Since same-sex marriage was allowed by other states before Alabama, it’s possible that couples may have married prior to moving to the state.

But some courts may understand that the couple would have married in Alabama sooner if they had the choice, and would allow them to divorce before the six-month mark. It’s entirely up to the judge.

Date of marriage

The date of the marriage may cause issues for same-sex couples living together before getting married. When a couple divorces, their property acquired during marriage is split between the two, sometimes evenly.

But if a same-sex couple lives together before marriage was legalized simply because they weren’t allowed to, some of that property could be included. Currently, some judges will factor in that laws prohibited the couple from getting married when spitting property.

Financial support

In divorce of a long marriage, a judge will likely award spousal support form the higher-earning spouse to the lower-earner. The same issue arises here—if a same-sex couple would have married earlier, but instead had a long-lasting relationship, can the rules apply?

Some judges will include the years of cohabitation without being married and determine spousal support from there. Others may not consider any time aside form the time being married.

Child custody

Some same-sex couples may have had children before marriage was legalized, either through adoption, in vitro fertilization or other ways. Especially with biological factors, children raised before marriage was legalized can raise some concerns about child custody as well as child support and visitation rights.


Not all of the hurdles divorcing same-sex couples in Alabama currently face are that complex. Others, such as the wording on some divorce paperwork that strictly refers to wives and husbands as opposed to spouses in opposite-sex marriages, are simply in need of updating.

Don’t Navigate The Divorce Process Alone

While same-sex couples currently facing divorce in Alabama may face some challenges in accomplishing their goal, eventually things will likely be worked out.

In the meantime, working with a lawyer—such as Daniel Chambers—who understands how to navigate complex divorces between people of all genders, is a good idea.

Mr. Chambers is a respected attorney in the Alabama legal community who takes pride in successfully negotiating favorable settlements for his clients because he never wants his clients to spend a dime more than necessary.

Mr. Chambers is also prepared to fight for you in the courtroom. He prepares every case as if it will head to trial because he wants to be ready to make the best possible arguments on your behalf at the negotiating table and in court.

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This blog post should not be taken as official legal advice.

We have used Daniel Chambers for legal services on several occasions since 2007 with excellent results. He has assisted our family in each matter with a professional yet tenacious manner. He has always been upfront about possible outcomes and honest about how to appropriately deal with challenging situations. I have recommended him several times over and will continue to do so. He has been an incredible asset to have on our legal team and we have always been satisfied with the results.

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