8 Ways to Handle Social Media During a Divorce

8 Ways to Handle Social Media During a Divorce

Picture of social media icons on a mobile phone.There’s a new element to divorces that’s only been a factor for a decade or two: social media. It may not seem like something that needs to be brought up during a split, but what you post on sites like Facebook or Twitter can cause unexpected legal consequences.

  1. Wait to Mention the Divorce

Information is moving the fastest it has ever moved in history, so it’s easy to think you should update your relationship status on Facebook to single as soon as possible. But before you let everyone know you’re back on the market, wait until:

  • the divorce is finalized
  • all paperwork has been signed, and
  • your new life has started.
  1. Don’t Tear Apart Your Ex

Maybe your divorce is amicable and you and your former partner are respectful during the process, in which case you don’t need to worry about any bad words being said. But if there are some sour feelings and you need a place to vent, avoid social media.

We’re not saying you need to paint a rainbows-and-flowers picture of your ex. The best way to handle it is to not say anything at all. Use a diary or find a friend to verbalize your feelings to, but don’t start the public bashing.

  1. Avoid Personal Details About the Divorce

There are a lot of moving parts during a divorce and though we make everything easy to understand, doing little things like tweeting the reason for the split can have legal ramifications.

Even posting about what you’re receiving in the settlement or who’s moving out should stay offline, at least during the divorce process. Any misinterpreted comments can bring up unanticipated issues.

  1. Don’t Complain About Your Kids

Sure, diapers aren’t fun and teens can be frustrating, but voicing your concerns about childcare on Facebook or Twitter may hurt your case for caring for the children.

Custody and visitation decisions take in each partner’s ability to care for their children. If a judge or opposing lawyer sees a negative post about childcare, it can easily be taken into account and affect the outcome of the divorce.

  1. Don’t Rush to Create a Dating Site

Just like waiting to announce your single life on sites like Instagram and Snapchat, wait to set up that Tinder or Bumble account. It’s all fair game after the divorce is officially over, but any sign of dating before a divorce is trouble in the courts.

  1. Be Aware of What Your Friends Post About You

Just as you need to follow guidelines about what and what not to post to social media during a divorce, make sure your friends know the drill, too. If child custody is being examined and a friend posts a video of you drunk, a judge may deem you less fit to care for your child

The same thing goes for money. If your lawyers are discussing dividing assets, let your friends know not to post a picture of you from an expensive vacation or with a brand new car.

  1. Don’t Delete Posts, Messages or Accounts

It may seem like a good idea to get rid of old photos or hurtful messages from conversations between you and your partner, but deleting anything can actually be considered destruction of evidence.

Worried about something on your social media page that you really don’t want to keep public? Ask a lawyer. We’ve seen it all, so we’ll be able to help you determine exactly what to do.

  1. Work It Into the Paperwork

There are a few things you’ll want to consider getting down on paper. Do you and your former partner agree if it’s okay to post images and updates about your children to the public? Do you share any accounts and need to decide who takes them over or who to continue sharing them?

Your lawyer will walk you through everything you need to do during a divorce, including what actions to take and what not to do concerning social media.

This blog post should not be taken as official legal advice. If you need more information or you’re considering divorce, it’s best to speak with an experienced attorney, like Daniel H. Chambers, Attorney at Law, PC.

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Mr. Chambers is also prepared to fight for you in the courtroom. He prepares every case as if it will head to trial because he wants to be ready to make the best possible arguments on your behalf at the negotiating table and in court.

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