I have dedicated my legal practice to helping people who have problems in two of the most important areas of life: their family and their health. I began my career with a major family law firm and learned about what kind of lawyer clients wanted and what kind of lawyer I wanted to be. I began my own law firm to provide my clients with that kind of lawyer. I enjoy providing legal advice to people who need help and appreciate the kind of advice and counsel I give. I take particular pride in being able to bring large firm quality advice to regular people on a personal basis. Instead of fighting through layers of law firm bureaucracy, you will get to deal with me. I partner with all of my clients so we both understand the issues at hand and come to solutions together.

Contact a Birmingham, Alabama, Family and Injury Law Attorney

I work with each of my clients on an individual basis to provide them with legal advice that is tailored to their specific situation. To start that process, call me at 205-208-3785 to schedule an initial consultation with me. You can also contact me online to schedule an appointment for us to discuss your legal challenges.